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This picture /is/ very original, I've never seen anything quite like it, or if I have I certainly don't recall it at the moment. As far as vision is concerned I can't rate you low on that either, simply because you'll never really know if a picture turned out exactly like the artist wanted it to or not. That's a secret that will forever remain between the artist and his work. However, I can't really say this piece looks amazing, at least not yet.

While pretty much everything else in the picture looks good and well photoshopped together, the grass throws the whole thing off balance. It is far too green and luscious to fit into this picture in a way that would compliment the entire thing as a whole. As it is right now the grass ruins the illusion of the picture entirely and makes it look rather awkward and unpleasing to the eyes. I'm sure that without the grass the picture would look much, much better.

Other than that though I can't really point out any ways to make the picture look better. You could maybe try darkening the way the little girl looks a little bit, just so she would fit in better with the lighting of the scene, but the way the girl looks now doesn't really draw away from the impact of the picture any, so you could leave her as she is if you so desired.

Other than the grass everything else is well put together. Ignoring the grass completely and focusing on the picture as a whole, I get conflicting emotions from it. I'm not really sure whether I should feel worried for the girl or be happy for her, since she does have an angel in presence which can be either a good or bad sign. I don't know, I just pick up a vibe from this picture that's a strange mixture of innocence and purity and an ill sense of foreboding, which, all things considered, is probably exactly how you wanted one to feel when they look at this picture.
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